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Welcome to the jungle

Welcome to the Jungle! Meet your new buddy JubJub. JubJub is a little always hungry chameleon. Help him to survive the day by catching delicious bugs. But beware of bees, wasps, hornets and mosquitoes!

- Nice and cute animated graphics
- Easy to play, but hard to master.
- One Touch Control
- Matching themes for different seasons and events
- Day and night cycle

Have fun with our games and thank you for your support!
More Games are coming!

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"In the Christmas season it´s also snowing in the jungle!"

Litte Storeman

Welcome to our brand new arcade game - Little Storeman.

Your job starts quite simple, but get´s more challeging the further you get: Help the little storeman to get his job done!

We have implemented a one touch control, so that you can focus on your task.
Your opponent is the time and your own previous highcore.

So take your helmet, put on your overall and grab as many packages as you can.
Enjoy the game!

Feature Overview:
- One touch controls
- Offline Play
- Cartoon graphics

Have fun with our Game
White Eye Design

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Little Storeman - Screenshot 001Little Storeman - Screenshot 002

Little Storeman - Screenshot 003

Flying Animals Update 1.9

In update 1.9 we have redesigned the advertising system in the game for better offline play. Furthermore, we have setting off the blood by default and fixed some minor bugs.

Have fun with our game
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They have landed...

The flying animals are now landed at the Amazon Appstore. Of course, for free as well as on Google Play and in the latest version with all the animals, backgrounds and tubes you love. 

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Welcome to the Easter Islands - Flying Animals Update 1.4

We released a new update for Flying Animals. It is now version 1.4.
This update includes a new cute animal and a new background. The Easter Island. Furthermore, we have improved the game on low internet connection.

Have fun with our game
White Eye Design

Flying Animals Update 1.3

In update 1.3, we have added another background for you. A small tropical island. We hope you like it.

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Flying Animals / Last Updates

In the last updates we put another animal in the game and have removed some minor bugs. These were in the random system and in the Options menu.

Have fun with our game
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